Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maude Barlow On CJAM: How We Poison The Earth

‘Poisoning water is like poisoning your blood. It comes back to us. There is a price to be paid for thinking we’re above nature.’

A very poignant discussion on how we poison the earth, a view that I think makes the global environment problem appear more urgent than "An Inconvenient Truth".

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DJ Set @ Build & Burn Closing Reception

Friday March 20th, I'm going to be spinning a more danceable set, not only consisting of electronic but rock/indie, electro-clash and new wave @ The LeBel Building located on the Southwest corner of Huron Church & College. The even t will be taking place within the gallery which is currently housing a collection of several University Of Windsor Viusla Arts students.

DJ Set @ Phog, Thursday March 19th

At 10:00 pm I'm going to be spinning an array of electronic music at The Phog Lounge.
Not sure what or where The Phog Lounge is, check The Phog Blog


Click the Art to see pictures of the Broken City Lab crew putting up this message to the inhabitants of West Windsor.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

If We Could Undo Psychosis 1 by Jane Kelly

Olympia with Dog (after Manet) by Paul Harvey

after Masaccio by Charles Thomson

"The Queen's Speech " by Ella Guru
Here's her Artist Statement and CV

Sexton Ming, Tracey Emin, Charles Thomson, Billy Childish and Russell Wilkins at the Rochester Adult Education Centre, December 11, 1987, to record The Medway Poets LP.